The Magic Art of Homeschool Curriculum Course

Want a homeschool your children love?

I have online courses to help you create a high quality, engaging, and affordable curriculum your whole family enjoys.

What is the Magic Art of Homeschool?

Most approaches to homeschooling focus on educational philosophies, textbooks, and lesson plans first.  I like to do things a little differently. 

With a high quality curriculum that inspires your whole family, you will look back on these homeschooling days with the happiest memories.

Homeschooling Courses

Perfect Projects Online Course MockUp

Wish your lessons were a bit more exciting?

Plan Perfect Projects 

  • harness your child’s interests and skill
  • design exciting homeschool projects
  • turn your learning into memorable records.
Homeschool Planning Online Courses Sample

Want more satisfaction and joy in your homeschool curriculum?

Nurture Your Homeschool

  • Understand your child’s skills, interests, and needs
  • Include yourself and extended family into your homeschool plans
  • Build a high quality curriculum that inspires a love of learning
  • Record your learning for homeschool registrations

Free Downloads

Homeschooler’s Self Care Journal

Life is busy for a homeschooling parent.  Learn what true self care looks like, and how you can fit it into your homeschool schedule.

Self Care Homeschool Journal

Whether to homeschool: decision making matrix

Planning your child’s education is a huge decision.  Use this decision making matrix to break down your options and make your choices crystal clear.

Decide To Homeschool

Simple Homeschool Registration Guide

Homeschooling registration can feel so overwhelming and scary.  I have created a simple process that will walk you through your registration quickly, easily, and totally pain free.  And it’s free for you to download.

How to Homeschool Registration

Homeschool curriculum and planning checklist

The best homeschool curriculum is the one your family loves.  Learn how to identify what works for your children, yourself, and your whole family.  It doesn’t matter what other families do, your family deserves what is right for them.

homeschool planning checklist how to curriculum (1)
Carmen Smith Magic Art Homeschool

About me

I have homeschooled my five children for the last ten years.  Life is pretty busy, loud, and messy. But I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now and I’ve finally gotten a thing or two sorted out.

I want to help you feel confident to focus on what really matters to your family: your children.  It doesn’t matter how anybody else homeschools, what matters is whether it works for you.

Homeschooling Roadblocks

Homeschoolers face some common challenges.  Here is some helpful advice to get you through these rough patches.

What to do when someone tells you not to homeschool.

How get started with your homeschool curriculum?

What to do when you’re suddenly homeschooling.


Homeschool resources ebooks

Embrace the freedom: homeschooling without curriculum

Are you intrigued by the idea of homeschooling without a curriculum? The freedom to tailor your children’s education to their unique needs and interests is enticing. So in this blog post, I am going to delve into the wonderful world of homeschooling without a curriculum, exploring its benefits and sharing practical strategies to make it

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Download your free homeschool curriculum planning checklist.

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