Carmen Smith Magic Art Homeschool

Hi, I’m Carmen

I homeschool my five children.  Life is pretty busy, loud, and messy.  


But I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now and I’ve finally gotten a thing or two sorted out.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

How I started homeschooling


In the beginning I spent most of my homeschooling days wallowing in self doubt.  I would think things like:

  • I’m not good enough to do this.
  • My kids aren’t learning enough.
  • How will they ever get a job?!
  • Even my mum says I should put them in school.

I didn’t realise, but I would focus most of my attention on our curriculum resources, lesson plans, excursions, and all the pretty things on Instagram.  But nothing ever felt perfect for my family.  My kids were stressed, I was tired, I knew we could be doing better.

Then, somewhere during the countless sleepless nights and tears, I realised that I could build my ideal homeschool without spending a cent.  All I had to do was reframe my perspective, focus, and expectations.

I realised what really matters to my homeschool are my children, myself and my family.  (It turns out it wasn’t the curriculum, lesson plans, or Instagram fantasies!)

I stopped and asked myself,  “Will this really matter in ten years time?”  And this simple question gave me the perspective I needed to focus on what matters most to my family.  

Now if I feel like I’m a bit off track I pause, ask myself the question, and I always get a good sense of what’s important. 

So here at The Magic Art of Homeschool I am going to show you a bunch of different ways to reset your perspective and focus on what really matters.

When my homeschool days are over I want to look back on all the happy memories – because I know I won’t care about the textbooks and lesson plans when my children are adults.

There are three things that matter in my homeschool.

1. My children:

Before I even consider textbooks, curriculum, or academic standards – I look at my actual children in front of me and what they need.​

2. Myself

I am not interested in lesson plans, educational philosophies, or excursions – unless I am firmly rooted in my own self care and growth.​

3. My family

I don’t need to prove myself to government departments, doubting in-laws, nosy neighbours, or (worse still) my own voice of self-doubt. I do what is right for my family. No apologies.​

Ready to shake up your homeschool?

Refresh your mindset and learn new homeschool strategies.

Homeschool Planning Online Courses Sample

Want a curriculum your whole family loves? 

  • Really connect with your children
  • Prioritise what is important to your family
  • Feel confident about your curriculum
Perfect Projects Online Course MockUp

Want your kids to be excited and inspired about their projects?

  • Identify your child’s interests and track their ideas
  • Create exciting and memorable lessons and projects
  • Record your learning for memories and homeschool registrations
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