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Is homeschooling right for your family?

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular right around the world. You might be wondering if it is the right education choice for your child and family.

Making decisions about our child’s education can be overwhelming because the consequences are life long!  But the decision-making process itself doesn’t have to be difficult.  

When you focus on what is really important for your whole family, you can more easily sift through your various options and figure out exactly what is right for you.

My 3 Step Approach

Here is a neat decision making process to help you process your thoughts.

1. Identify

Start by clearly defining your needs and expectations.

2. Solve

Consider various solutions to satisfy your needs.

3. Start

When you’ve decided how to meet your needs, find strategies to get started.

Is this all just a bit confusing and overwhelming?  I know this is a huge decision and I want you to feel comfortable wherever you land.

My guide, 3 Steps to Deciding Whether to Homeschool will walk you step-by-step through this decision making tree.

What is the biggest challenge for homeschoolers?

Are you thinking things like:

I’m not smart enough to teach my child.
How will they make friends?
Will they be able to go to university?
What kind of a job will they get?
How will I explain homeschooling to my family?

Would you believe me if I told you that every homeschooler has felt these doubts at one time or another?


The biggest challenge to homeschoolers new and old is – feeling confident.  

Right now as you decide whether to homeschool, you might wonder if you can actually do it.  But you are not alone!  We have all been in your shoes and wondered whether we are right for the job.  In fact, we usually still ask ourselves that question years down the track!

So if you’re feeling a little shaky and uncertain let me assure you: you can be a confident homeschooler.  You can create the perfect learning program to give your child the best chance at success in life.  You are the best person to make this decision.

How are you feeling about your decision now?  Maybe you need some extra resources to help you explore homeschooling further.

Feel free to reach out to my email if you’d like some suggestions on where to start. contact@themagicartofhomeschool.com

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