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The other day, I was chatting to a friend about the destructive nature of comparison and judgement. It got me thinking about comparison and homeschooling. Do you feel confident homeschooling your own way? Or do you find yourself comparing what you do against other homeschoolers?

I’ll admit – I’ve been guilty here! Doom-scrolling Instagram usually leaves me comparing myself to those beautiful put-together families. In the lead up to homeschool registration I can slip into a comparison between my kids’ performance and the arbitrary educational outcomes.

But haven’t all the wise sages told us: Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t judge your own success against what you see elsewhere.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

How do you compare?

Do you compare your homeschool against those you see on Instagram?
Against other families you come across?
Against school families?

Do you compare your child against their peers?
Against their cousins, or friends down the road?
Against their own siblings?

But haven’t all the wise sages told us:
Don’t compare yourself to others.
Don’t judge your own success against what you see elsewhere.

Of course, it is human to compare. Comparison can help us measure if we are on track, or rate our success. It can give us direction, and inspiration. Even motivate us and guide our decisions.

When comparison becomes destructive

Feeling confident is all about intention

Underneath it all, the important question is: Why are you comparing? This is the key that determines whether your comparison will encourage you to thrive in joy, or whither in judgement.
Are you comparing from a place of fear, of inadequacy? Do you compare yourself to the homeschoolers on Instagram because you think there is something wrong with your method?
Do you compare your child against their peers because you worry they’re underperforming?
Comparing yourself against others is never going to bring you contentment and joy.
Instead, the secret to a peaceful and fulfilling homeschool is knowing and understanding your child, yourself, and your whole family. The only people you need to compare and judge yourself against are – yourselves.

Conquering comparison and feel confident in your homeschool

Find the right points for motivation

Instead of approaching your homeschool plan by comparing yourself to others. Why not start with a focus on your own child? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anybody else achieves. Your child’s education and learning journey is what is at stake here.
You can build a homeschool lifestyle that inspires and motivates you and your whole family. Don’t seek to replicate a homeschool because it looks beautiful in another home. Create a routine that inspires your family to thrive.
Measure your child’s success against their overall growth and development. Don’t limit their potential based on arbitrary government-defined education outcomes.
Homeschooling is amazing because it gives you the flexibility to create an education that suits your family. Comparison will only strip that away. It doesn’t matter how successful a curriculum can be for another family – if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. And that’s OK. It doesn’t matter how much someone else achieves, if your family is in a season of rest – that is OK.
So next time you find yourself in the trap of comparison – take a breath and look at what really matters instead. Your family, and your homeschool are the important parts here.
If you find yourself in the grip of comparison, take a look at my online course, Nurture Your Homeschool. I will help you feel confident about building a homeschool curriculum that suits your family.

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